The SS Robin- A new opportunity for this unique, fantastic ship.


SS Robin: A New Opportunity

The SS Robin is a national treasure, built in 1890 at Orchard Yard on the River Lea, close to where she is now. She is the world’s oldest complete steam coaster and the last of her type in the world. Her incredible story is one of risk, enterprise, determination and endurance.

If you would like to visit the SS Robin, we have tour days on Friday 27th May. Please drop us an email to if you'd like to come along.

We will also be open on the 11th of June for the Britannia Village Funday.

We are looking to find a commercially viable future for the SS Robin which respects her heritage and makes active use of the vessel. The ship, not currently open to the public, is located on a modern floating pontoon in the Royal Docks in Newham. We have just completed a Heritage Lottery Fund grant for urgent conservation and the ship and pontoon are generally in a good condition.

We think that the best way to achieve this commercially viable future is to find a partner who will lease the hold, and possibly the pontoon.  This lease will then help pay for the long term upkeep of the ship and hopefully some heritage activities.

The SS Robin Trust has very few resources of its own, so we are not looking for activities that the SS Robin Trust could run or organise. We want a partner to take a lease which will provide revenue. We are open to the possibility of a sale as well, but our preference is to lease. The SS Robin could either be on the pontoon floating or freestanding on land.

We are therefore looking both for:

A partner who wants space in the SS Robin and will then use the space for their own activities.

Partners (landowners, developers, regeneration schemes, museums) who might not want to run activities themselves but might want to provide a home for the SS Robin, and have activities as part of their project. Either way, the SS Robin and the associated activities will enhance their scheme, but not add ongoing costs.

It is not technically or financially feasible for the SS Robin to be put back into the water.

We don’t have any preconceived answers, but are now actively looking for partners who would be interested in working with us to find a practical and sustainable future that respects and celebrates the remarkable history and heritage of the SS Robin.

If you know an organisation, business or individual who could give this ship a bright future, then get in touch on, 020 79981343 or via